We’ve Virtualized Anatomy Tournament

In response to the current changing landscape, we have made our Anatomy Tournament virtual. To enable a safe and healthy learning space for the participants and our staff, we’ve changed the format of the Anatomy Tournament to be a virtual and interactive experience.

During the event, participants will receive an introduction to the Anatomage Table and get digital hands-on experience with our technology and compete to test their knowledge of anatomy, including muscular, digestive, respiratory, skeletal bones, and the heart.

Keeping the same legacy that the physical Anatomy Tournaments have established, this virtual format is anticipated to deliver an impactful – and safe – educational experience for our future generations.

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The Anatomage Anatomy Challenge was definitely the highlight of my day at the Sports Medicine Competition at CSUN this year! It was an absolute adrenaline rush to watch our team of five students compete and test their knowledge of the anatomical structures on this powerful learning tool. I'm extremely proud of my team and grateful for those who sponsored and hosted this wonderful educational event for high school students.- Kim Crosby at La Cañada (The Anatomy Tournament 2018's winner)
I am so thankful for Anatomage for stepping in and sponsoring the AACI event and helping us educate the future healthcare professionals of America.- Eli Hallak, Organizer of AACI
Definitely in the next two years, we will find a way to get the funding to happen and incorporate an Anatomage Table into our high school and our kids will be more prepared because of it.- Gary Clinton at Yelm High School
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