Anatomage Table Users Group Meeting

At the Anatomage Table Users Group Meeting (UGM), the attendees will explore and maximize the Anatomage Table’s values while staying updated with the latest trends in 3D anatomy technology.

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in both classroom-style lectures and collaborative sessions. Interactive workshops led by our Table users will deliver great insights into leveraging classroom curriculum with the Anatomage Table.

OUR COVID-19 Response and UGM 2020 Update

Given the uncertainty of the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, we are devastated to inform with you that the Anatomage Table UGM 2020 has been cancelled.

If you have registered to participate in UGM 2020, please send a note at to request a full refund. We are also offering an option where we can roll over your UGM 2020 registration fee to UGM 2021.

As your health and safety is always our top priority, we strongly urge you to comply with the safety guidelines and recommendations issued by your local health officials in the meantime. For any questions and concerns relating to the UGM, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

San Jose UGM 2019 PHOTOS

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