3D Anatomy & Physiology Visualization and Simulation with Table 7

As part of the mission towards transforming the medical industry, Anatomage has dedicated itself to advancing medical education, treatment planning and patient care through its technology innovations and simulation. And our ambition is one step closer with the launch of Table 7.

Table 7 introduces physiology simulation elements to the Anatomage Table. These include new pathway visualization tools that allow users to understand both the structures and functions of living bodies. Table 7 users will be able to thoroughly visualize a complete anatomical system while examining interactions among the structures .

Medical Training and Education

Table 7 is incorporated with physiology content designed for medical education and training programs. Students can use our pathway tools to deepen their understanding of both structures and functions of living bodies.


Treatment Planning and Patient Care

Table 7 provides technology to assist medical professionals in treatment planning and patient care. Using a detailed map of spinal nerve innervation offered by the Table, doctors and clinicians are enabled to locate the injury, elevating their diagnosis process.

Medical Simulation Technology

Table 7 brings additional physiological simulation content to our Table users. Containing the heart motion, physiological pathways and catheter simulation tools, Table 7 offers a whole package of medical simulation technology that aims to improve patient safety and the efficiency of healthcare services.




Heart Motion Simulation

Anatomage is able to make a cadaver heart go through a normal cardiac cycle. This innovation is made possible by combining the digital modeling of 3D cardiac CT data and accurate anatomical details from an Anatomage cadaver.  Table 7’s heart motion simulation tool will further enhance your medical training curriculum, delivering an innovative approach for the human cardiovascular study.

  • Valve motions and vascular connectivity accurately modeled
  • Detailed cardiological nerve conduction
  • Heart beat synchronized with ECG

Nerve Connections

Table 7’s nerve connection simulation tool allows users to explore a complex nervous system and its pathway. Containing 188 detailed dermatomes, the tool assists users in identifying which spinal nerve corresponds to each dermatome. The nerve pathway also makes it possible for users to examine the nerve system of the cerebral cortex, which is challenging to visualize through the naked eye. 

  • 188 dermatomes
  • Detailed distribution of sensory and motor nerves
  • Ideal for medical training and diagnostics

Physiological Pathways

Anatomage Table 7 provides users the ability to visualize different pathways. From the air pathway during inhalation and exhalation to GI contrast, to blood flow, users have the opportunity to visualize how a subject is passed through internal organs or veins inside a human body. The pathway visualization feature promises to be a beneficial tool for users in medicines, pharmacology, and other related medical fields.

  • 11 pathways for visualization
  • Includes digestion, GI contrast and more
  • Ideal for medicine, pharmacology and related studies

Medical Textbook Presets

New contents are available in the Table’s pre-made materials library. These include additional story-driven presets, new filters, and a short description for each case from the library. Teachers are now able to use new quiz images and preset to develop examinations. Having access to these materials gives teachers the opportunity to provide a fun and exciting classroom learning environment.

  • 220 detailed presets for each cadaver
  • Comprehensive library of student worksheets
  • Premade content for student assessments

3D Pathological Library

The Anatomage Table comes with a renewed pathological case library. Providing 3D visualization of pathological examples, the case library is aimed to translate the medical knowledge into clinical experience, preparing students for healthcare-related careers. 

  • 270 animal cases
  • 60 pathological examples
  • 20 shark CT scans

3D Prosection Scans

Table 7 contains 60 photo-realistic prosections images from various regions of human anatomy and case examples for normal and pathological tissue. Colored annotations of the regions now accompany all prosection images. Users can also customize the prosections’ annotations on their own. The new prosection library will deliver a full cadaver lab experience for students.

  • 60 3D Prosection Cases
  • Colored annotations for all regions
  • Annotation customization feature

Catheter Simulation

The Anatomage Table now includes the 3D catheter simulator that allows users to practice surgical procedures. The virtual catheter can assist users in medical planning, from locating inserting areas to performing operations. Exclusive to Anatomage Table users, the catheter simulation is an innovative technology designed to give the users exposure to realistic surgical experience on various applications.

  • 4 procedure types included
  • Realistic surgical experience
  • Assists in operational planning
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