Frequently Asked Questions


Who has the Anatomage Table?

Over 110 institutions on 6 continents have Anatomage Tables. Medical schools, simulation centers, PA programs have all adopted the Anatomage Table into their programs. If you contact us we can happily provide you with a list of institutions in your area.

How does the Anatomage Table compare with other similar products?

The Anatomage Table is unique in providing real anatomy in 1:1 life size. Other products can only show small fields of view or regional content. Furthermore, the Table allows for user uploadable content and hundreds of pre-installed patient scans.

See how the Table compares to other products:

Is the Anatomage Table an FDA medical device?

The Table is an educational device based on Anatomage’s radiology software, Invivo5. The Anatomage Table software application can load any patient scan data (MR, CT) and has been cleared by the FDA for the display and 3D visualization of medical image files. Radiologists, clinicians, and other qualified individuals may use the Table software to process, render, review, and assist in diagnosis.


Does Anatomage handle shipments?

We can prepare a formal quote with shipping if you contact us with the address you would like the Anatomage Table shipped to.

What is the delivery time?

All of our Tables are made in the US and go through extensive quality controls. Typically, customers can expect to receive their Table in 3-4 weeks depending upon current demand.

Will you handle customs?

Customers are responsible for covering customs costs.


What is the digital library?

It is a collection of hundreds of pathology scans that can be preinstalled on the Table. They are excellent for teaching both pathology as well as normal anatomy. For more information, please see our page on the library.

What are the dimensions of the Anatomage Table?

The size and form factor of the Anatomage Table is similar to that of an operating table. The overall dimensions are 86” x 28” x 33” (2.2m x 0.7m x 0.8m).

Can you project the Anatomage Table to a screen?

Yes, the Table comes with two media ports that can be used to display the contents on a projector or external monitors.

Can it be used on an iPad?

Other institutes are working on an iPad app to complement the Table, but the full body male and female are too graphically intense to run on an iPad.

Getting Started

How is training done?

The Anatomage Table comes with installation and training with one of our technicians following the delivery of the system.

Do you have a special educational discount or pricing? Non-profit pricing?

This is an educational product and we primarily sell to both public and private universities. We do not typically give discounts, but please contact us with your budget constraints and we can see what we can do.

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