An Anatomy Event Designed for Future Medical Leaders

Well-engrained in 3D virtualization technology, Anatomage leverages its technology to create a fun and exciting academic platform for students to learn anatomy. Called Anatomy Tournament, the event gathers hundreds of students each year to compete with each other on anatomical terminologies.

At the Anatomy Tournament, students are encouraged to utilize virtual technology – in the form of our Anatomage Table – to identify complicated anatomical structures. Not only does the event celebrate teamwork and collaborations among students, but it also signifies the importance of technology in science education.

Collaborating with other big medical competition organizations, Anatomage is committed to transforming the traditional anatomy learning, while helping the America’s future medical students achieve their academic goals.

Our COVID-19 Response

Due to the severe impact of Coronavirus spread on public health, we have currently virtualized all of our Anatomy Tournaments. The decision has been made to comply with the state health and emergency guidelines issued by local governments, as well as ensuring the safety and wellness for all of the attending students, teachers, partners, and staff. 

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