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Anatomage will be collaborating with HOSA to orchestrate an anatomy tournament where students and advisors can showcase their medical terminology knowledge from June 23 –25, 2021.

About HOSA 

Recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Health Science Education Division of ACTE, HOSA is an international organization whose mission is to assist with professional development in the healthcare industry while improving healthcare delivery to the public. HOSA aims to provide technical skills, leadership, and knowledge to middle-school, secondary and collegiate students and encourage them to become the future healthcare professionals in their communities.

To contact Anatomage about this Tournament, please reach out to the Anatomage Marketing Team via gotable@anatomage.com.


There will be three divisions and for each division, a tournament consisting of three rounds will be conducted. 

  • Middle School Anatomage Tournament
  • Secondary & Post Secondary / Collegiate Anatomage Tournament
  • Advisor Tournament

Teams with the highest score in each round will advance to the next round. Following the Qualifying Round, the top 8 teams will be selected and compete in a Top 8 Round. For the Finals Round, the top 4 teams with the highest score in the previous round will compete to be the Anatomage Tournament Champion.


If you are interested in entering the tournament, please register through your local chapter advisor as part of the regular ILC Conference Registration. The ILC registration deadline is May 15th.

A maximum of three teams per state will be allowed in both student divisions, and one advisor team per state will be allowed to register.

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