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Experience Real Human 3D Anatomy on iPad

For the first time, a real human cadaver can be engaged directly through an iPad app. And this is made possible through our Anatomage Table Companion app.

The conception of this app was initially formed when we first faced the global shift to distance learning. To our existing customers, this remote teaching landscape has disabled the access to their Anatomage Tables, disrupting the hands-on real human anatomy learning experience. Using this app, iPad users can remotely access the Anatomage Table’s Asian male cadaver through the device.

Currently, its promotion price is at $24.99 from $49.99 (50% off). For users outside of the United States, the price will be automatically converted to your local currency according to the Apple Appstore policy.

A Companion App

Designed to supplement the physical Anatomage Table, the Anatomage Table Companion app is a best-suited teaching solution for those who can’t access to the Table during school closures.

Supplement In-Class Session

The Anatomage Table Companion app supplements in-class lessons that are incorporated with the Anatomage Table. Students are enabled to quickly find answers to any anatomy questions through thousands of annotated structures

Accurate Anatomy

The app contains the most accurate anatomical data set of a male cadaver. By providing the detailed human body representation, the Anatomage Table Companion app provides essential anatomy knowledge for students in all medical disciplines.

Most Accurate Male Anatomy

The Anatomage Table Companion app contains the Table’s gross anatomy data set from a full-body male Asian cadaver, which features more than 2,300 annotated anatomical structures that are intricately segmented from a fresh, non-chemically preserved corpse. Such simple yet detailed representation allows students to quickly reference and visualize any anatomical structures while reviewing anatomy concepts learned in class.

  • Real male anatomy
  • Full-body gross anatomy
  • More than 2,300 annotated structures

Visualize Anatomy in Depth

Users can observe an array of human anatomical systems including Cardiovascular, Nervous, Skeletal, Endocrine, Reproductive and Skin. Users are also enabled to peel away anatomical systems layer by layer to visualize the deeper anatomical structures with the Volume Visibility feature. Specific groups of structures within an anatomical system be located and isolated for closer examination using Explore functionality.

  • Major human body systems included
  • Enable to zoom and rotate the cadaver
  • Individual structure can be isolated

An Efficient Learning Tool

With the Anatomage Table Companion app, students can use Drawing tools – such as Pen and Eraser – to add notes to the structures. Adjusting color of specific structures is also made possible to highlight nerves or veins. Using the app, students can review key anatomy concepts at home or anywhere. 

  • 4 ways to apply color to branches
  • 7 pen tools
  • Background color is changeable

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