The Anatomage Table 5 Update

The Anatomage Table 5 is our newest software update. The Table 5 software has our best ever imaging for viewing photorealistic human anatomy. Our new full body male cadaver has improved segmentation while regional scans have greater detail and visual accuracy. Sophisticated new tools and content allow for an innovative dissection experience that promotes a clinical-level understanding of anatomy.

What’s New In Our Table 5 Update?

Visualize High-Definition Anatomy

Table 5 gives users the option to view 3D human structures in photorealistic detail. Any clinical cases or loaded scans on Table 5 can be seen in ultra-high quality to allow for an accurate and complete study of human pathologies.

Enhanced Anatomy Education

Innovative imaging combined with our dissection tools allows for interaction with advanced anatomical material. By viewing and dissecting realistic structures, students can improve their 3D spatial understanding of the body.

Improved Clinical Experience

Expanded clinical cases in the library prepares students for their medical futures with content from real patient data. They’ll interact with unique pathologies, train with various imaging types, and improve diagnostic skills.

Ultra High Quality Images

All CT and MRI cases as well as loaded scans on Table 5 have the option of being viewed in ultra high quality (UHQ). Users can now easily view soft and hard tissues in every region of the body in vivid photorealistic detail.

  • Quality 3D images to visualize patient scans and pathology
  • Soft and hard tissue shown with realistic coloring
  • New Craniotomy Tool to dissect through the skull and view the brain surface

Meet Carl

A completely new full body male cadaver has now been added to Table 5. The Table now contains 3 full body cadavers with improved annotations. The addition of a new cadaver serves as a resource for students to compare anatomical variations.

  • New cadaver is our most detailed cadaver yet
  • Superior muscular definition for comparative anatomy
  • Vibrant view of cardiovascular systems

Expanded Clinical Library

The Table 5 now has over 1,400 library entries. Table 5 also has a newly added category for histology scans to view microscopic tissue and cell structures.

  • 800 new entries added to case library
  • Improved full body cat cadaver scan
  • Customizable comparison cases
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