Latest Release
Invivo 5.4.5

System Requirements

Why does my 3D volume rendering look gray?

The gray block indicates that your graphics card is not strong enough to run the orange-transparent teeth 3D rendering. If you have the graphics card that meets the system requirements, then you can configure it to high performance and relaunch Invivo. If you do not have the dedicated graphics card, please contact Software Support at 1-408-885-1474 ext 4 or email for further assistance.

Installation & Licensing

What are the different types of licenses?

A perpetual license is a single license that can be installed on any one computer. A network license will install from one to four computers with all the capabilities that a perpetual license has. However, it must be on the same internet network as a perpetual license.

A computer with a perpetual license installed can launch Invivo without internet.

A computer with a network license installed will always require internet under the same IP address as a perpetual license to launch the software.

How to install/reinstall Invivo onto my computer?

Please contact Anatomage Software Support at 1-408-885-1474 ext 4 or for further assistance.

In which order should I install the licenses?

At least one perpetual license must be installed at the location before installing network licenses.

What is my Invivo software version?

To determine your Invivo, InvivoLight, or TxStudio software version launch the software and select: Help => About InvivoDental…

To determine your InvivoMac software version launch the software and select: InvivoMac => About InvivoMac…

How to upgrade to the latest version of Invivo for PC or Invivo for Mac?

Please contact Anatomage Support at 1-408-885-1474 ext 4 or to find out more about your eligibility for upgrade.

How can I or my colleague view an Invivo file without the software?

There is a free Anatomage Invivo Viewer that allows users to view scans in Invivo file format only. To download the free Viewer please contact Anatomage Support at 1-408-885-1474 ext 4 or

What to do when receiving the messages “Installer ended prematurely” or “DLL missing” during the installation process?

Please install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Packages (x86) and (x64)

If your OS is 32bit, then you only need x86

If your OS is 64bit, then you need both

Invivo was working fine on my computer but I can't find it anymore, what should I do?

The issue can be caused by your anti-virus that mistakenly flags Invivo as a virus. Please set an exception for Invivo software in your anti-virus program then reinstall Invivo.


What are DICOM files (.dcm), invivo files (.inv), anatomage project files (.apj), and anatomage files (.amg)?

DICOM file (.dcm) – This is the raw file exported from the CBCT or CT machine. Once you open the DICOM file, you can save the file as an Invivo file.

Invivo file (.inv) – This is the file type that the software saves in. Any changes or planning you make in our software will all be saved in this type of file.

Project file (.apj) – This file contains only the work up data, i.e. nerve tracings, implant placements, etc.

Anatomage file (.amg) – The anatomage file is the file created by our technicians after they work-up your case.

How to open a scan?

Raw multi-file DICOM scan – drag and drop one of the files onto the Invivo icon to open the whole scan.

Raw single-file DICOM scan – drag and drop the file onto the Invivo icon to open the whole scan.

Saved Invivo file – drag and drop the file onto the Invivo icon to open the whole scan.

Alternatively, you can open Invivo and use the file manager to find the file of any of the three types mentioned.

Where is the default save location, and can I change this location?

The default location is under Documents\Anatomage_Cases. The Invivo software is set to automatically generate the folder once it is installed. This default location can be changed by going to File > Preferences > File Manager in Invivo. The settings can then be altered to reflect the default save location of the files.

How to share DICOM scan with another doctor?

It is best to send your colleague the raw DICOM scan you get from your scanner. Your colleague can open the scan using free DICOM viewer from the internet.

How to share an Invivo file with another doctor who does not have the Invivo software?

Go to File and select Lay Egg. This will create a scan combined with a viewer. This file is viewable only; your colleague won’t be able to manipulate the scan.

I received an Egg file and only see a blank box when I try to open it.

You can temporary disable your anti-virus while opening the Egg OR you can make an exception in your anti-virus software for the Egg.

How do I delete nerve / implant / restoration / measurements / text annotation?

Please select the object that you want to delete, then press Delete key on the keyboard.

How to get brochures / software manual / list of new software features?

Please contact Anatomage Software Support at 1-408-885-1474 ext 4 or to request e-copies.

How do I get trained on using the software?

If it is within a year of purchase or if your technical support agreement is still current, we will go over the software functions with you. Simply schedule a personal, online Invivo software training with our support team by contacting 1-408-885-1474 ext 4 or

Otherwise, our manual and training videos are included on the installation CD. The training videos are also available online by  heading to Dr. Login.

Dr. Login
Username: training
Password: videos

How can I get more information about the software if I am interested in getting it?

For more information please contact our sales team at 1-408-885-1474 ext. 1 or email

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