Anatomage Navigator

The Anatomage Navigator is the premiere real time volumetric anatomy visualization tool accompanied with a tracking stylus. Users can point the stylus at a 3D print or real patient anatomy and visualize cross-section anatomy with real time tracking. The Navigator can be utilized to review CT and MRI data and aid in teaching radiology.

3D Anatomy Visualization

Using a stylus, explore real human anatomy with different True Anatomy Models. The Anatomage Navigator can be customized to meet your specific needs and appeal to your audience.

Medical Data Integration

Medical image data (DICOM) can be loaded in and synced with True Anatomy Models. Radiological images are visualized in 3D reconstructions and 2D cross-sections concurrently.

Real Patient Anatomy

Compatible with live persons and corresponding medical data. The system can display the internal cross-section and 3D reconstruction based on the patient’s scan data.


Move the stylus freely in six different axis in 3D space. The position of the stylus will accurately update on the high definition monitor. The stylus not only tracks the user movements, but also allows the user to dynamically slice and view internal anatomy and the corresponding annotations.

    • Complete freedom 6 axis navigation
    • Real-time internal anatomy visualization
    • View internal structures with annotations

Works With Live Persons

The ability to load in patient data means the system can work with live persons as well. The system tracks the location of the stylus relative to the patient, and displays the corresponding internal cross-section and 3D reconstruction based on the patient’s scan data.

  • High-resolution cross-sectional anatomy
  • Compatible with real live patient data
  • Dynamic real time tracking system

True 3D Anatomy Models

The Anatomage Navigator comes with a 3D printed torso cadaver. The 3D printed anatomy came from a real cadaver, untreated by chemicals, which shows true color, shapes, and details. Many of the pieces in the anatomy set can be removed, allowing for deeper internal anatomical visualization. 3D prints can be customized to accommodate any educational program.

    • Removable structures
    • 3D print of real cadaver
    • Endless customization model 
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